What isThe Dog-House?

This is the office of the NFT crypto-art committee for @BigComicArt

Since creating NFTs and sharing art with the world, @BigComicArt get a lot of strange requests, weird wild messages.  Like for example, some guy sent the  🐕(bigcomicart) a picture of a decapitated cat that he/she was gonna cook.  This office will intercept all hatemail and forward to the appropriate authorities

Oh and BigComic gets a lot of corporate requests too, which goes something along the lines of we have a million bucks, blah blah blah. Well thats great! Then why should I talk with you for free?  Oh and there was this company that wanted BigComic to scam all the collectors with with some crappy tokens locked into their own system, and I would somehow bring all my collectors there..... That was the cake. Nope, sorry, BigComic doesn't work that way, and decentralization doesn't work that way.

So BigComic is an artist that makes art everyday, and right now the committee is usually getting a lot of requests, usually 100+ per week.  If you're thinking of a personal portrait commission of your living room, or a company logo design, please don't email BigComic.  If you're thinking about writing because you love the artwork, please do.  If you are prepping an amazing met-averse event or exhibition that has never been before seen, Yes  would love to work with you, but please be patient for me getting back to you.  Also, if are an actual Bigcomicart collector/investor, then you have a much larger chance of enticing your audience.

Please keep in mind that digital art, is art too, and if you'd like to make a time to zoom call BigComic, please remember:

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