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Portrait of Satoshi Nakamoto #1

@BigComicArt was born uniquely in the Metaverse, and was one of the first handful of web3 artists. The DigitalArt collection is currently ranked in the top CryptoArtists in the world via: with a market-size reaching 6 digits+ and evaluations in several millions. The work combines original and some of the most sought after hand-made paintings, sculpting, digital painting/animations, comics, memes, augmented reality, dynamically coded blockchain images, activism, .jpegs and .gifs into one of the most cutting-edge art collections available today. The work uses thought provoking commentary (w/ humor) on our human condition, and is collected in over 100+ countries both physically(as traditional paintings) and digitally (using Non Fungible Tech). It is now a world-renowned collection in the span of 4 years that is ever expansive and immutable.  Welcome to Alpha.

Genre Defining Digital Works of Art

Selected recent Press, Texts and Exhibitions:

Selected Press feat @BigComicArt:
To benefit Charity World Hero Foundation, News Desk:

CoinDesk: “It’s an NFT boom….”, Dale, Brady 2021:

What the Tech? Tucker, Jamey: Featured across the evening news on Syndicate television:

Behind the Mask: Giving to John Hopkins University,

Read about the Cryptoart Pioneers: The NFT Telegraph, Feb 4th, 2020 

"SuperRare" Digital Art Collector  Drew, Austin,

Recent Exhibitions:

 10/2021 @BigComicArt and The World Hero Foundation w/ James Bond No Time to Die Premier, featuring Aston Martin, Omega and SuperCarRooms Miami.  2022 NW 1st Court, Miami FL 33127

9/2021 @BIGCOMICART, Supercar Rooms Miami, 2022 NW 1st Court, Miami FL 33127

9/2021 IRLart Gallery, UR’L Exhibition. 2611 Walnut St in Denver CO.

7/2021 Renaissance Protocol, Theaterlab, 357 West 36th Street, #3rd floor New York, NY 1001

8/2021 ASYNC Art Exhibition. Beijing, China.

3/2021 Digital Trends and the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art:

Permanent Collection: The Museum of CryptoArt


Combating the Disinformation Age with Art and Crypto by Jake Johns' 




Thank you for taking the time to enjoy the art! The @BigComicArt has contributed to help build major NFT Cryptoart galleries across 
Americas, Europe and Asia. 

Find the work here:
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FAQs and resources: What is #Web3, and why should you care?


Web3 is the next generation of the internet, it is based off the backbone of concepts created by Bitcoin, an open blockchain ledger and modern global payment system that is controlled by decentralized computers. Currently, large centralized databases contain and control digital content that is a part of our everyday modern lives (Google owns 93% market share of all internet searches, Facebook hosts 80 billion images on its 30,000 server databases, 40% of all websites depend on the Amazon cloud). For the past 20 years, corporations are controlling the majority of our Intellectual Property online, and enjoying enormous gains in market share from mining your digital information. Blockchain technology, like Ethereum (, gives us the possibility to claim actual ownership to our digital lives through decentralized applications.


I don't understand this stuff, isn't Bitcoin and Crypto a scam?


Bitcoin has been around since 2009, and is used world-wide. Many proponents claim it to be the money of the future. There are scams in every field beyond blockchain technology, for example: did you get a scamming phone call sometime this month? Well, would that make the entire telephone system a scam? To blame the entire network for one bad actor is over generalizing. Its benefit of uses outweigh its disadvantages: There are real products and life-changing technologies being built by open-source contributors to this new technology, including large and widely known corporations across the world like Tesla, (Tesla holds over 40,000 Bitcoins). Furthermore its software that spans the entire internet and cannot be stopped, if we are not competitive we will loose ground in this new field. You can buy Bitcoin direct from the U.S. government:


Ok, how do I get started?


Heres a resource for you:


Why are these digital assets so expensive?


Intellectual property is actually quite important, and valuable. Do you own the home you live in, or the title to that home? What about your car? What about your social security number? Digital certificates are signatures; permanent providence records and proof of ownership thats visible on a public ledger. @BigComicArt artworks are digital one of a kind assets that cannot be replaced, just like an oil on canvas, except this time it can be traced to its source with proof on a ledger.


What can I do with a BigComic NFT?


Bigcomicart is part of the public domain. You are free to share, remix, and showcase the work as you choose. Why? Because this makes BigComicArt that much more widespread and valuable in social function. Art is a universal language. @BigComicArt claims a Creative Commons NonCommcercial License to the public domain with attribution. Shout-outs on social channels are welcomed!


I'm not convinced. I want a physical painting instead.


Sure thing! Inquiry direct: for available pieces. @BigComicArt original physical paintings will also come with a digital providence record NFT per special request (extra fee)